Digital Storytelling in Chinese Skateboarding Community

Digital Storytelling

To be strict, according to the definition provided by the Center for Digital Storytelling in Berkeley, California, a digital storytelling is a short, first-person video narrative created by combining recorded voices, still and moving images, and music or other sounds, and the digital storyteller is a person who has a desire to document life experience, ideas, or feelings through the use of story and digital media.

Especially, the definition emphasizes the digital storyteller is usually someone who has little to no prior experience in the realm of video production but can spend a few days participating in a workshop, exploring and sharing a story with creative, and technical assistance from compassionate, and talented technically skilled Center for Digital Storytelling staff.[i]

From what mentioned above, we could infer that though digital storytelling is out of personal feeling to express and share, it is still a video form having certain criteria in need of a expert to help and specify. In this perspective, it is intentional to do a digital storytelling, or it will be likely attributes to other types of documentation.  

Go to The unintentional digital storytelling approach

[i] Ana Luisa Sanchez. “Digital storytelling as an emerging documentary form.” Seminar.Net. Media, Techinology & Lifelong Learning. 6. 3 2010: pages 3. Print.


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