Digital Storytelling in Chinese Skateboarding Community


In conclusion, digital storytelling is still new to Chinese people. Within the Chinese skateboarding community, skaters use the form of digital storytelling unintentionally to record their life with skateboarding, express themselves in the community, thus binding the whole community lively, and presenting relative authentic themselves to the public to reduce the misconceptions. What’s more, through digital storytelling, some of them get encouragement to keep working and equip themselves with more professional knowledge skills, thus accomplishing the transfer from the “ordinary people” to the expert, helping the Chinese skateboarding community get more attention. In contrast, companies in China have been aware of the importance of digital storytelling in business, they chose representative from the Chinese skateboarding community and enable them to tell their stories associated with the company, through which skates have to hand over the authority and authenticity of their digital storytelling, but having opportunity to get more attention and exposure, helping enlarge and enrich the community.


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